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Great Choice!

To enroll in any of the available open language classes, the process is simple – just complete the form below and you’ll receive an email  invoice through Stripe, our secure payment processor.  You’ll be able to pay for all of the seats you request through the form below securely online, based on the payment option you choose.

If you have more than one student to enroll, simply click the ADD button below the form once you’ve completed the info for the first student, and another space will open for the next student’s information. You can choose the class for each student, so if one is taking German is Fun and the other is taking German 101, you’ll be able to enroll each in his or her own class.

If YOU are the student and are enrolling for yourself, please be sure to put your name in under both the Purchaser and the Student sections.

Once you’ve completed the form for as many students as you are enrolling, click the submit button and your invoice for payment will be in your email box within an hour  or two (or maybe a few more if you enroll during the night!).

Once you’ve completed the payment, you’ll recieve a welcome packet in your email within 24 hours. That packet will give you the class schedule and virtual meeting information, as well as any other info you’ll need to be ready for the first class.

Any. questions? Just pop us an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be glad to help!

OK, Let’s Get You Enrolled!

German Classes Student Registration

Your Student Seat Information

If you are the student, please complete this section of the enrollment form with your own information. If you have more than one student that you want to enroll, complete this section for each student. You can add as many students as you like by clicking the ADD button at the bottom of the section.
Has the student had any prior experience with German language?
Which class with this student be taking? Please choose from the dropdown your choice of class.

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