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Juneteenth for Mazie

Many children will identify with Maizie, a girl who is frustrated at being told “no” all the time. But then her father tells her about the celebration coming up, to remember and recognize the day her Great-great-great-grandpa Mose “crossed into liberty.” Mose and other enslaved people dreamed of freedom. Some escaped to the North, but Mose and many others heard the Proclamation that set them free from a hotel balcony in Galveston, Texas.

Maizie’s father continues, telling her that although things were better, black people still struggled. Although they weren’t treated as equals, they never gave up. And every Juneteenth, they remembered and persevered. And now it’s Maizie’s turn to continue in that tradition.

This story makes the history of Juneteenth both accessible and appealing to any young readers, and helps understand the origins of this American holiday.

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